Three Factors To Be Considered in Patient Psychological Safety

Conventionally, patient safety is concerned with the prevention of adverse events that may result in injury or death of patients. The concept of patient safety covers a range of practices such as hand-washing, medical precision and patient handling or movement from one bed, ward or department to another. One of the main limitations of this

Practice Transformation

It is time for healthcare providers to transform into practices that are able to deliver better care at a lower cost with higher patient satisfaction-the Triple Aim. This is what payers-both private and governmental-want. They have no other choice, as we shall see. Those providers who understand this and are willing to work with payers

Things to Know and Understand About DOT Physicals

Driving commercial vehicles are of great significance. The drivers are required to be sensible while driving the vehicles. The Department of Transport (DOT) often comes up with special drives to find out of your driver is sensible towards safety measures to their personal life as well as public life. You need to take the initiative

Why Online Doctor Consultation Is the New ‘In’ Thing in Healthcare

The human body with all its capabilities, is a fragile thing. It is prone to diseases and the ravages of time. Man had to start experimenting with ways to beat back these factors and hence, medicine started evolving with the first stones of civilization. History has revealed records of medical illnesses and ways to treat