Remote Patient Monitoring – Technology to Yield Better Patient Outcome

Perks of remote patient monitoring (RPM) for physicians are many: ease of access to patient data, ability to provide higher quality care to more people with a lower risk of burnout – and for healthcare providers – higher efficiency and lower costs, to name just a few. But what are the advantages of RPM for

You Need Patient Advocacy

Healthcare in the U.S. is broken and only getting worse. Here are just a few examples of why: -Of the $3 trillion spent on healthcare annually, $1 trillion is wasted; -Many doctors are providing too much unnecessary treatment; -Providers are paid for quantity of care vs. quality of care; -Healthcare costs are through the roof

How Can They Live With Themselves?

I am outraged. It’s now well known that big pharma pays off doctors regarding the safety of drugs, including opioids, which is causing the high death toll from these drugs. It’s not as well known that the SSRI antidepressant drugs are also partly responsible for the mass shootings. Every mass shooter has been on one

The Changing Face of Healthcare

Several significant forces in the last several years have been changing the way healthcare has and will continue to be delivered. The emergence of more unique ways to deliver care such as clinics incorporated into businesses and factories, the increased use of mid-level providers (nurse practitioners & physician assistants), the increase integration of technologies such